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Services - IGITL

Origin Identification: The determination of origin of a gemstone is requires a lot of experience, master set of stones, references and state of the art technology.
IGITL is providing origin identification services for ruby, sapphires and emerald.
Treatment Identification: Most of the gemstones are treated with some or the other method to improve the quality and overall appearance of gemstone. The improvement in quality makes the stones more valuable. IGITL laboratory identifies the treatments done on gemstones to bring more transparency in the trade. For the disclosure of the treatments IGITL is strictly following the CIBJO guidelines and describing the treatments in treatment identification reports.

1. Heat treatment in Ruby and Sapphire.
2. Glass filling in Ruby and Sapphire.
3. Beryllium treatment in ruby and sapphire.
4. Fracture filling in Diamond.
5. Oil/Resin filling in Emerald.
Diamond grading: IGITL provides the services of diamond grading mentioning the color, clarity, cut and fluorescence in the reports following the GIA standards. The grading of diamond is a quality assessment.  
Diamond Jewellery grading: The Jewellery studded with single or multiple diamonds is also graded by IGITL. In this type of grading service the overall quality of diamonds is mentioned and there are some limitations as the diamonds are studded so grading is done as mounting permits. In this type of grading there is a limitation for grader.  
Pearl identification: The pearl identification service is also provided by IGITL. As the pearl market is flooded with cultured pearls so the role of a laboratory becomes very important for pearl business.
Pearl identification requires a different set of sophisticated equipments and IGITL is fully equipped with.  

International Gem Institute Testing Lab Private Limited
Gemstones Testing Fee (W.e,£ Jan 01/2020)
    Big Report       Small Report
1. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Diamond 600 500 (Rupees Per Stone)
2. Other Stones 400 350
3. Origin Identification    
  (Upto5cts) 2000  
  (Above5cte) 2500  
4. Gemstone Packet Lot Identification    
  (Single report for 5 or more stones of same color ) 200  
5. Gemstone bead string Identification 800 (Rupees Per Inch)  
  (2 ormore inch length, minimun size 4 mm)    
6. Gemstones studded in Jewellery Items    
  (Upto 10 stones) 200  
  (11 ormore stones) 150  
7. Diamond Grading    
  (Upto 0.30 cts) 700  
  (0.31 to .50cts) 100  
  (0.51 to 0.99 cts) 1300  
  (1.00 to 1.99 cts) 1800  
   (2.00 cts and above) +1000 (per carat)  
8. Diamond Grading of Jewellery items
(Multiple stones, more than two stones)
a. (Upto 10 cent size diamonds) 300 per carat  
  (More than one carat and up to 50 cents) 150 Additional  
  (More than 1.50 carat will be charged for 2 carats) 600  
b. (11 cents to 50 cents) 600 per carat  
  (More than one carat and up to 50 cents) 300 additional  
  (More than 1.50 carat will be charged for 2 carats) 1200  
c. (51 cents to 99 cents) 800 per carat  
  (More than one carat and upto 50 cents) 400 additional  
   (More than 1.50 carat will be charzed for 2 carats) 1600  
d. (1 carat to 199 carat) 1300 per carat  

(2 carat and above Rs. 1000 on each carat)


Other services

  Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Diamond 300  
  Other Stones 150  
  Gemstone Origin 1000  
Note: Annual membeiship is available at 1500/- Rs. 25% discount on all testing charges.
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